About the Infinite Truth Project

For many people, leading a religious life includes unwavering faith in the beliefs, routines and rituals involved with a particular religion without any questioning, which would, even in thought, is being truly devoted to God within the heart, mind and soul. However, if one were so faithfully blind in other aspects of one’s life, say towards a science that contradicted a religious belief, or a government that seemingly is hiding something, that a person would find it foolish to not question such claims put forth by the hypothetical scientist or government official(s). Why, then, would people “of faith” want to lead such blind faith-based lives, when they could peer into the past to see if it could have any lies or questionable teachings, or what ever else there may be?

For those that want to do research on the tragic events that happened to America on September 11, 2001, it may be impossible to come across a website or book that holds view points that the government was, at the very least, criminally negligent or even behind the events that day. One could come across a variety of possibilities and endless “authentic” accounts with endless ways of how the events could be portrayed as being in truth. The official statement of government officials – the ones that mattered – and the people on the ground that day and the days following directly contradict each other. Both people proclaim to have the truth and that any other way the events happened would be lies.

The same would follow for any person claiming to have received visions from the God of Abraham or other deities, angels, prophets, messiahs, or what have you. How does one know for certain that one has received a portion of the Infinite Truth that lies out there? What’s more, how do we know that individual holds the wisdom to teach the Infinite Truth and can get another closer to the full understanding of that particular Infinite Truth?

Today, we have many people that have claimed to be a messiah, a prophet, a clairvoyant, having seen or actually are Jesus the Christ, an angel, spoken with God, the Virgin Mary or Muhammad, or any other person you can imagine. Many people immediately, as a reflex, discredit them, without any basis or follow up questioning, that these people are mad. Others disregard them, that, if it is true of what they say, they are simply being tricked by evil forces of the spiritual realm(s). Yet, some others are quite the opposite and believe fully without any rhyme or reasoning.

This is true of today, in the land absent of any official miracle, great prophet or messenger sent by either side of the Ultimate Good or Ultimate Evil. It should be noted that, if there is a Great War for the souls of mankind, that if one side, let’s say Ultimate Good, presents a case to start its teachings upon mankind through a Great Messenger of God (or other deities or beings representing the Ultimate Good), that the forces of Ultimate Evil will start moving their forces to discredit, or out show those of the Ultimate Good. For further clarity, if a True Prophet arises, then a False Prophet would arise and the two would battle out to be known as the one who proclaimed the Infinite Truth.

Going back to the example of 9/11 conspiracies, you have the side of the conspiracy “nuts” and the “official story.” However, let’s flip the switch and say that the United States government was behind the events. One would only need to go to the film “Loose Change: 2nd Edition” to find many excerpts of the events and analysis of that most evil day. This sequence of truths, presented as is becomes a great case for the conspiracy theorist. On the other hand, you have the “9/11 Commission Report” to tell you of the “official” report. For each claim to dispute the other, the other would follow with an additional claim or question to discredit the previous fact. This is how it works without miracles, prophecies, and supernatural events. Now, imagine yourself in a time where the supernatural events are working. You have miracles, people with capabilities far beyond yours, your friends’, or damn near all the people on earth at the particular, hypothetical day. Who are you to trust? Who will you follow? Who will you die for to spread their truth? And how do you know they have the Infinite Truth?

The only way to ascertain any courage in believing a certain truth towards being part of the Infinite Truth is to do an investigation. Those part of the Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), have the belief that the earth was made within six days and on the seventh, God rested. Science has “undeniable proof” that the earth is billions of years old. The religious majority do not have any scientific reasoning as towards why they believe that the earth was made in six days and is greatly younger than what science as “proven.” Only a small minority has looked into it. Which are you to believe?

The only way to know what to believe is to investigate. That is the purpose of this project which I have called “The Infinite Truth Project.” This is not merely my project, but a project for all. If you have seen a “fact” which I have presented that is different from your “fact,” please feel free to send me what your fact is, where I can verify its authenticity, and include it within this website when it is updated. Any major change in belief that is presented, I would present with an article and update the encyclopedia of the Infinite Truth.

The Infinite Truth will be the same on this world, in this star system, galaxy, and universe as well as any other. Just concentrating on Earth, how have the people of the entire globe encountered the Infinite Truth? Has God only revealed himself in the Middle East within the context of the Abrahamic Religions? Or, are there other revelations to be found else where?

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